Life Experiences

The Huffington Post: Many people seek out extraordinary experiences throughout their lifetimes. If they didn’t, recreational activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, zorbing and mountain climbing wouldn’t exist. However, a new study published in the journal Psychological Science suggests that people who experience extraordinary events are likely to feel less happy than people who experience More

Whether in the creative arts, athletics, work, or spiritual practice, happiness lies in working to expand one’s skill level. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has devoted his career to studying what makes people happy. Building on years of detailed research, Csikszentmihalyi created the term “flow” to describe the experience of being completely immersed More

The New York Times: Do you like ice cream? Then don’t eat it — at least not every day. At least, that’s what Wendy Wood’s research suggests. In an interview with Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, the psychology professor discusses how people form habits, and how they can change them — More