Executive Function

New Research From Psychological Science

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Body Movement Selectively Shapes the Neural Representation of Musical Rhythms Baptiste Chemin, André Mouraux, and Sylvie Nozaradan Although movement is thought to shape the processing of sensory inflow, it is still not well understood how or whether movement shapes perception in the More

Evidence for ‘Bilingual Advantage’ May Be Less Conclusive Than Previously Thought

Study results that challenge the idea that bilingual speakers have a cognitive advantage are less likely to be published than those that support the bilingual-advantage theory, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. This research suggests that a publication bias in More

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Sleep Quality and Parenting Related to Children’s Executive Function

Different fields of study, even within the discipline of psychological science, have a tendency to be fragmented, which can hinder our understanding of complex processes such as human development. Research suggests that understanding children’s developmental well-being in particular requires an integrated awareness of how social relationships, biology, and cognition interact. More