Evolutionary Psychology

Wide-eyed expressions that typically signal fear may enlarge our visual field and mutually enhance others’ ability to locate threats, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The research, conducted by psychology graduate student Daniel Lee of the University of Toronto with More

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science. Lip Movements Affect Infants’ Audiovisual Speech Perception H. Henny Yeung and Janet F. Werker Although research has suggested that audio-visual speech perception is linked to articulatory movements in adults, no studies have examined this link in infants. Infants performed an audiovisual matching More

Cornell University http://blogs.cornell.edu/mendlelab/ What does your research focus on? I study a number of facets of adolescent psychopathology, but I’m particularly interested in how different aspects of puberty — its timing and tempo, its early-life antecedents, and the ways that children, peers, and family members perceive and understand it — More