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No, Having Bigger Biceps Does Not Make You More Conservative

Business Insider:

A study by a group of researchers about biceps and politics that has made waves over the past couple of days following its publication in Psychological Science has been widely misinterpreted by several news outlets.

The study looked at correlations between a man’s socioeconomic status, his upper body strength, and his political views.

What it found was this:

Specifically, men with greater upper-body strength should more strongly favor redistribution if they are poor but oppose it if they are wealthy. […] First, for males of low [socioeconomic status], physical strength should positively correlate with support for redistribution; second, for males of high [socioeconomic status], physical strength should negatively correlate with support for redistribution

That means that stronger men had stronger opinions about politics. Poorer, “stronger” men favored redistribution more intently than poorer, “weaker” people. And richer, “stronger” men also opposed redistribution more intently than richer, “weaker” men. 

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