Clinical Psychology

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: Dorthe Berntsen and David C. Rubin The prevalent view of posttraumatic stress disorder suggests that people have trouble voluntarily recalling autobiographical memories of traumatic events but frequently recall these memories involuntarily. Participants were asked to think about an important event from More

The New York Times: For reasons that have eluded people forever, many of us seem bent on our own destruction. Recently more human beings have been dying by suicide annually than by murder and warfare combined. Despite the progress made by science, medicine and mental-health care in the 20th century More

When Paul Meehl died 10 years ago, he left behind a rich legacy of scientific thought. He was not only professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota; he also taught psychiatry, philosophy, neurology, and law.  Meehl influenced research in a range of areas, from psychiatric classification to psychometric assessment More