Conference on Children and Youth 2019

CCY 2019 Conference on Children and Youth 2019 July 4-5, 2019 Columbo, Sri Lanka The International Institute of Knowledge Management will host the Conference on Children and Youth 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka on July 4th and 5th, 2019. The conference hopes to attract researchers, practitioners, and public policy experts More

A Spendthrift 5-Year-Old? Researchers Say Yes

For some people spending money is very stressful. For others, it’s fun—even therapeutic. Might children share these same tendencies? Scholars use a scale to measure adults’ propensity to spend and save. On one end of the scale are tightwads, or people who feel distress when they spend money, and on More

Imaginary Worlds of Childhood

In 19th-century England, the Brontë children created Gondal, an imaginary kingdom full of melodrama and intrigue. Emily and Charlotte Brontë grew up to write the great novels “Wuthering Heights” and “Jane Eyre.” The fictional land of Narnia, chronicled by C.S. Lewis in a series of classic 20th-century novels, grew out More