Brenda Milner greatly expanded our understanding of brain functioning through her study of the cognitive deficits associated with temporal and frontal lobe injury. Her most famous work involved a series of experiments with patient H.M., a patient who had most of his medial temporal lobe removed in order to control More

Watching a movie, smelling the roses, feeling the warmth of the sun—these are seemingly simple things we experience all thanks to consciousness. Yet where exactly does consciousness come from? The brain—obviously—but for psychological scientist Geraint Rees that answer isn’t good enough. Rees studies consciousness and how it correlates with brain More

George Mason University Arch Laboratory Fairfax, Virginia, USA Bridging theory, experimentation, and application in the cognitive sciences. Raja Parasuraman Carryl Baldwin Deborah Boehm-Davis Matt Peterson Tyler Shaw Jim Thompson Robert Youmans Meet the Scientists: Raja Parasuraman Director Human Factors and Applied Cognition Graduate Program Attention and Automation Meet the Scientists:  More