Rising Stars

Daniel M. Oppenheimer

http://web.princeton.edu/sites/opplab/ What does your research focus on? I dance around a lot of different research areas, but most of them are somehow connected to metacognition, judgment and decision making.  How does what we think we know, (and how we think we think) influence the way we make decisions? What drew More

Julie Bugg

Washington University, USA What does your research focus on? The primary focus of my research is cognitive control, and age-related changes in control. I am interested in the mechanisms humans use to resolve interference, the interplay of expectancy-driven and stimulus-driven control, the degree to which these mechanisms are impaired versus More

Shana K. Carpenter

Iowa State University, USA http://www.psychology.iastate.edu/~shacarp What does your research focus on? I study techniques and strategies that improve memory. My research so far has focused on the effectiveness of relatively simple mnemonic techniques such as retrieval practice, the optimal scheduling of repeated study sessions, and the best time during which More

Simine Vazire

Washington University in St. Louis www.simine.com What does your research focus on? My research examines people’s knowledge about their own personalities.  Do people know how they behave? Do they know how others see them? I examine the discrepancies between how people see themselves and how others see them, and try More

Peter Kuppens

University of Leuven, Belgium http://ppw.kuleuven.be/okp/people/Peter_Kuppens/byYearType/ What does your research focus on? I study emotions, specifically I’ve been trying to make sense of the patterns with which our emotions change across time, and what we can learn from them to understand what makes people happy or miserable. What drew you to More