Rising Stars

Phillip Atiba Goff

Executive Director of Research, Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity www.policingequity.org University of California, Los Angeles www.psych.ucla.edu/faculty/faculty_page?id=147&area=7 What does your research focus on? My research focuses on contemporary racial and gender discrimination, particularly in the domain of criminal justice. It is inspired by a single question: How does one explain More

Nash Unsworth

University of Oregon, USA http://maidlab.uoregon.edu/index.html What does your research focus on? My research focuses on working memory, attention control, long-term memory retrieval and individual differences in those processes. In particular, our work focuses on how individuals rely on attention to actively maintain information over the short term and how they More

Modupe Akinola

Columbia Business School, USA www4.gsb.columbia.edu/cbs-directory/detail/731784/Modupe%20Akinola What does your research focus on? I study how stress affects performance. My research focuses on understanding how organizational environments, characterized by deadlines and multi-tasking, can engender stress, and how this stress can have spill-over effects on performance. I use a multi-method approach that includes More