Rising Stars

Brian M. D’Onofrio

Indiana University, USA www.iub.edu/~devpsych/ What does your research focus on? My research focuses on identifying the mechanisms through which environmental factors, such as pregnancy-related, parental, and neighborhood risks, are associated with child and adolescent psychopathology. I am currently utilizing three approaches to specify these developmental processes: (1) quasi-experimental designs, including More

Andrew Butler

Duke University, USA http://duke.edu/~ab259/index.html   What does your research focus on? Generally speaking, I study human memory and learning. However, I am particularly interested in how the act of retrieving information from memory affects subsequent memory for that information. Many people consider memory retrieval to be a neutral event, much More

Jason Chan

Iowa State University, USA www.jasonckchan.com What does your research focus on? My research focuses on memory illusions and memory interventions. Recently I started to merge these two interests together; the goal is to use memory enhancement techniques such as retrieval practice to reduce erroneous memories. Of course, we have known More