Rising Stars

Robert Rydell

Indiana University Bloomington, USA http://psych.indiana.edu/faculty/pages/rydell.asp What does your research focus on? I am currently engaged in two distinct lines of research. Members of my lab and I have been most interested recently in stereotype threat (individuals’ worries about confirming negative stereotypes about their ingroup). We have been examining the negative More

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

University of Southern California – Brain and Creativity Institute and the Rossier School of Education www-bcf.usc.edu/~immordin/ What does your research focus on? I use an interdisciplinary approach that combines affective and social neuroscience, human development psychology, and educational psychology. My research has two branches: One focuses on the development of More

Shayne Loft

University of Western Australia, Australia http://www.uwa.edu.au/people/shayne.loft What does your research focus on? My research goal is to conduct theory-driven research to uncover the mechanisms that underlie human performance in safety-critical work contexts. My general approach is to observe performance in complex work systems (e.g., air traffic control, submarine track management More

Stephanie Ortigue

Syracuse University, USA http://thecollege.syr.edu/profiles/pages/ortigue-stephanie.html What does your research focus on? My general research area is at the intersection of psychology and cognitive and social neuroscience in health and neurological disease. Combining different high-resolution brain imaging techniques with psychophysics, my research focuses on body language, unconscious effects of pair-bonding (such as More