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Today many scientists struggle to get the public interested in psychological research. To help social psychologists reach larger audiences, In-Mind Magazine will organize a May 23 workshop, “Writing and Communicating with the General Public,” in conjunction with the APS 25th Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

This workshop aims to support psychological scientists by offering a vital skill: the power to enchant a broad audience. How can you communicate important scientific findings to the media? Or, how do you turn your award-winning ideas into successful grant proposals?

Hans IJzerman, assistant professor at Tilburg University and founding editor of In-Mind, and Scott Sleek, APS Director of News, will organize the preconference event. During this workshop, you will participate in writing a feature article on a social psychological research topic of your choice — but for the general public.

As a first step, participants will write a first draft of their article before the workshop. During the workshop, Sleek and IJzerman will provide hands-on tips on how to spice up your writing. Following the workshop, assistance to participants will be continued by In-Mind editors, resulting in submission of the articles in the online journal In-Mind.

Separate registration is required for this workshop, and space is limited. Following registration, we ask that you submit a manuscript by April 1, 2013, to editor@in-mind.org.

Workshop registration is included in the online convention registration form. If you’ve already registered and want to add a workshop, select REGISTER NOW to add workshops.

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