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Many Explanations for Why Patients Overreport Their Symptoms

Some mental health patients report more symptoms than they actually experience and this is often attributed to malingering, when people intentionally inflate their symptoms for some benefit. The assumption that such patients are malingering tends to overshadow alternative explanations, even though research indicates that there are actually multiple pathways that could lead to overreporting. Researcher Harald Merckelbach of Maastricht University and colleagues review the available data and detail some of these alternative explanations in Current Directions in Psychological Science. More

A Monumental Gathering

Washington, DC was the locale for the 31st APS Annual Convention, where APS President Barbara Tversky (center) and APS Fellow Michael Tomasello (right) chatted with an attendee. See Tomasello’s Fred Kavli Keynote Address on the APS YouTube page. More