Meet Your Brain

In December, 2.4 millions viewers watched APS Fellow Bruce Hood deliver the Royal Institution of Great Britain Christmas Lectures. The lectures were started in 1825 and target a teenage audience. They have been delivered by prominent scientists including David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins.

Hood’s three-part lecture series, entitled “Meet Your Brain,” explores how the human brain functions, interprets the outside world, and guides social interaction.

The first lecture, “What’s in your head?” explains how the human brain constructs its own version of reality. In this clip about how the eyes and the brain work together, Hood makes some surprising observations about human vision.

Hood is author of the new book The Self Illusion . For another take on neuroscience’s implications for autonomy, read about APS Past President Michael Gazzaniga’s talk on Neuroscience and the Law at the APS 23rd Annual Convention, or listen to him chat with Diane Rehm about his book Who’s in Charge?: Free Will in the Science of the Brain.

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