Call for Papers: The Society for the Study of Human Development

Society for the Study of Human Development
9th Biennial Meeting
Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
Austin, Texas
October 16–18, 2015
Person, Biology, Culture, and Society: New Directions in Human Development

The Society for the Study of Human Development invites proposal submissions for its 9th Biennial Meeting. SSHD is an international society based in the US. Ours is a multidisciplinary organization. The central mission of SSHD is to provide a forum that moves beyond age-segmented scholarly organizations to take an integrative, interdisciplinary approach to theories of, research on, and applications of Developmental Science across the life-span/life course.

Theme Description: Developmental Science has increasingly come to recognize and emphasize the in dissociable relational nature of persons in context. Theory and research has opened new frontiers in the exploration and understanding of the processes entailed by co-acting relations operating at multiple levels including the biological, the person, the family, the cultural, and social structures (e.g., neighborhoods, education, media, technology). This relational perspective advocates scientific diversity and emphasizes that no one level is privileged over others.

The 9th Biennial Conference welcomes submissions examining relational processes at any level(s) in order to better understand, explain, and optimize human development over the life span/life course. With the theme of this year’s conference, Person, Biology, Culture, and Society: New Directions in Human Development, SSHD encourages all participants, whether as symposia participants or poster presenters to contribute to the vision and advancement of Developmental Science. We especially welcome submissions incorporating diverse scientific frameworks, including interdisciplinary scholarship.

Submission Information is available at

Two types of submissions will be considered: symposia and posters.

Deadline to Submit Symposia Abstracts is May 15, 2015.

Deadline to Submit Poster Abstracts is August 15, 2015.

Questions regarding submission process may be directed to Joseph Fitzgerald ( or Kristine Ajrouch (

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