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SBE and NSF’s Big Ideas

This letter from Social, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences (SBE) Assistant Director, Arthur Lupia, is posted to alert the National Science Foundation (NSF) SBE research community about substantial funding opportunities from NSF relevant to SBE scientists.

Dear SBE Community,

There are new funding opportunities at NSF that might be of interest to you. They are called the “Big Ideas” and they focus on critical issues in science and society. The purpose of each Big Idea is to motivate dynamic and innovative scholars to create and implement new and potentially transformative interdisciplinary approaches to some very large societal challenges.

I encourage:

  • every social scientist,
  • every behavioral scientist,
  • every member of an organization who is willing to collaborate with social or behavioral scientists, and
  • every scholar who is looking for new opportunities to advance science in ways that best serve the public

to think “big”.

Here are some of the opportunities now available…

Read the whole letter on NSF’s website by clicking here.

Read a recent APS interview with Lupia by clicking here.

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