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NSF Launches Competition for Career Development App Prototypes

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has launched the second part of the Career Compass Challenge, an NSF effort to modernize the US workforce in the public and private sectors through technology solutions that will help employees advance their careers and learn new skills and interests.

In this second part of the challenge, NSF seeks submissions of working prototypes of an app that will recognize employee strengths and goals, recommend possible future careers, and suggest paths for training and development. Industrial and organizational psychologists and other psychological scientists are encouraged to apply, given that they can provide essential insights into employee behavior, training programs, and management systems relevant to developing a successful prototype.

NSF encourages applicants to build upon the winning white paper concepts recognized by Part 1 of the challenge, which propose potential solutions for reskilling the workforce in the 21st century. The winning white papers are:

  • Needed: A GPS for Learning and Work: This submission proposes developing technology much like a GPS system that would have flexibility, consistency, and focus on direct links between steps in career development.
  • E-TAG: Employee Training and Growth through Electronic Games: This white paper proposes an online gaming platform that provides tools for employees to evaluate their current skills, map those skills to specific jobs, and learn new skills.
  • My Career Compass: This concept proposes an online personal learning environment that provides users with several development paths that align with user career paths, goals, and skills. It would alert users to changes in the profession and help prepare them for the future.
  • ACCESS: An Integrated Service Platform for Preparing Future Workforce: This proposal outlines a system that provides data-driven job recommendations and learning strategies, including a personalized resume builder, customized job searches, and career planning.
  • The Career CHARTING App: This white paper proposes an app that would help employees identify new jobs and offer guidance on how to prepare for those new jobs through skills analysis, career path recommendations, and a workforce retraining program.

Applicants should submit an app prototype and two-page description of how the prototype addresses the challenges of interest for this competition. NSF will select one team to receive $75,000 in support. Submissions are due by July 12, 2019.

Interested in submitting a prototype to Part 2 of the Career Compass Challenge? To submit an application or review applicant resources, click here.

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