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NAS Workshop Proceedings on Statistical Reproducibility of Federal Statistics

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently released proceedings of a workshop on the topic of practices to increase the transparency of federal data.

Titled “Methods to Foster Transparency and Reproducibility of Federal Statistics,” the workshop facilitated discussions on how to make federal statistics more understandable and reviewable, which has implications for federal agencies that fund scientific research and data collection. The meeting was part of an initiative to improve public and agency access to federally funded research, archiving, and documentation of digital data.

Over two days, experts discussed the benefits and costs of data transparency, current standards for handling metadata and work processes, and possible next steps to build trust and incentivize transparent data practices.

The proceedings released by NAS summarize the presentations and discussions from workshops, symposiums, and other events. These publications provide researchers and the public with access to the findings, conclusions, and recommendations made during these meetings.

For the proceedings of the workshop on federal data transparency and reproducibility, click here.

To learn more about current efforts underway to advance the use of statistics in the federal government, click here.

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