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Under the Cortex: A Psychologist’s View of Racism and Inequality

In a recent episode of Under the Cortex, social psychologist APS Fellow James Jones (University of Delaware) explores the nature of systemic bias in our workplaces and legal systems across cultures.

Government Research, Funding, and Policy Webinars

Learn about APS webinars, read summaries of past events, and register for upcoming webinars here. 

APS Student and Early-Career Webinar Series

This free series focuses on networking, peer review, online research, and more. View on-demand recordings of all five webinars in this series, and read the summaries. 

Members in the Media

Visit the MITM archive to view media coverage of our members’ research and to learn more about how they are sharing psychological science with the public. 

APS Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Read more on APS grants, public policy work, and other programming. 

Universal Design for Inclusive Science 

Psychological scientist Nazanin M. Heydarian highlights some resources that can enhance accessibility and inclusion in lab experiments for participants with disabilities.

Student Notebook: Contributing to a More Diverse Field 

Students have an important role to play in creating more inclusive institutions.

Back Page: The Chronicles of a ‘Me-Searcher’

Sarah Gaither shares how her experiences as a biracial individual have informed her psychological research on identity. 

Research Topic: Vaccination

Psychological science suggests that behavioral “nudges” that aim to alter individuals’ actions rather than their attitudes are essential to promoting vaccination against COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Mahzarin Banaji and the Implicit Revolution

APS Past President and William James Fellow Mahzarin Banaji pioneered research in implicit social cognition. In this symposium, a panel of Banaji’s students and collaborators discuss how these unconscious attitudes influence perception, learning, and behavior.