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Maintaining Data Quality When You Can’t See Participants

With online experiments, researchers must accept a much higher degree of uncertainty about who their participants are and the conditions under which the experiment is being conducted. (Observer, March 2019)

The Digital Lab

A collection of articles about how web-based technology is revolutionizing the way psychological scientists collect and analyze data. (Observer, March 2015)

What Makes a Samaritan Good? Depends on the Beneficiary

New research from Psychological Science suggests that helping a total stranger is generally viewed as more moral and trustworthy than helping a family member. But this is only true if the helper did not have to choose between those options. (News Releases, February 2020)

The Verdict Is In: Courtrooms Seldom Overrule Bad Science

The varying quality of scientific testimony can make it difficult for judges and juries to distinguish between solid research and so-called junk science. Insights from a new study published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest. (News Releases, February 2020)

The Science of Goals

Psychology researchers explore a panoply of science that could help people adopt newer, healthier, or safer behaviors. (Research Topic)

Universal Design for Inclusive Science

A blind researcher highlights resources intended to enhance the accessibility of nondisability-related research for disabled participants. (Observer, October 2019)

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