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From: The New York Times

Your Pet, Your Money, Your Call

The New York Times:

Of course you can be an ethical pet owner even if you cannot or will not spend huge amounts of cash on exotic medical treatments for your dog or cat. To say otherwise would restrict the pleasures of animal companionship (and the often exaggerated health benefits of pets) to the rich. And in fact, when it comes to veterinary medicine, more is not always better.

One of my colleagues recently spent nearly $8,000 on cancer treatments for her dog. Has she done anything wrong? No – it is her money, after all. (And that is small change compared with the $150,000 that a lovely diamond encrusted dog collar will set you back.) Spending $10,000 on chemotherapy for your beloved golden retriever is no more unethical than spending it on a two-week vacation in Tuscany.

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