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Wide-Faced Men: Good Guys or Bad?


Think of the stereotypical tough guy: broad-faced, square-jawed, uber-macho. Research even bears out this convention, linking wider, more masculine faces with characteristics like dishonesty, lack of cooperation and perceived lack of warmth.

But a new study challenges the notion that wide-faced men are always the bad guys, finding that in certain situations, they’re actually the most self-sacrificing of the bunch.

For the study, researchers from the Perception Lab at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland gave 54 male students money to play a game in groups. Each man was given £3 to play with — they could either keep the endowment to themselves, or invest as much as they wished in the group. The participants were told that if the group as a whole invested more than £12, then each member would lose his initial investment, but receive a £5 return. If the group failed to meet the £12 minimum, then each man could lose his investment without any return.

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