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From: The New York Times

Why Your Brain Feels Broken

It turns out that many aspects of our pandemic lives could lead to impaired executive functioning, which is a fancy way of describing the mental processes that allow us to plan, organize and remember instructions. “A lot of things need to function well for our memory to work ideally,” said Marie Eckerström, a neuropsychologist at the Sahlgrenska Memory Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden, who studies cognitive impairment.

“Managing too many details can definitely make you feel ‘foggy,’ and make you feel like your memory has declined,” she said. For example, the fact that I have to organize some of my children’s video calls along with my own schedule can lead to overload, and is why my older daughter’s guitar teachers probably think my husband and I are incompetent because we only remember to log on for 50 percent of her lessons.

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