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Why Access to Screens Is Lowering Kids’ Social Skills


People have long suspected that there’s a cost to all this digital data all the time, right at our fingertips. Now there’s a study out of UCLA that might prove those digital skeptics right. In the study, kids who were deprived of screens for five days got much better at reading people’s emotions than kids who continued their normal screen-filled lives.

The California research team’s findings, published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior this month tries to analyze the impact digital media has on humans’ ability to communicate face-to-face.

As an experiment, 51 sixth graders from a public school in Southern California were sent to outdoor education camp, spending five whole days completely deprived of TV, phone and Internet. Contrary to the kids’ expectations, they survived just fine and actually had genuine fun.

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I just wanted to comment about how much I agree with this. Everyday I see more and more people using phones to communicate rather than meeting in person. Although I do spend my fair share of time in front of a screen I still make an effort to get out and meet new people and socialize. In fact, just the other day, at a restaurant, I saw a mother and father on their phones! Completely ignoring their child who was begging for attention.

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