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What’s the power of a good luck charm?


As Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson took to the mound Monday night, he wore a rope-like necklace that may be nothing more than a fashion choice, but if he believes in the maker’s claims, that may give him an “edge” against his opponents at bat.

It’s not just Wilson; a surprising number of professional athletes have begun wearing the titanium-laced necklaces, including Rangers Derrick Holland, Mitch Moreland and Elvis Andrus.

The “edge” the necklaces’ manufacturer, Phiten, claims to give is not proved, but especially for athletes, there is psychological value to an item worn consistently, rituals and superstitions, one sports psychologist says.

“For athletes, there’s this unpredictability in sports. They never know how they’re going to play, how the other team is going to play, so when you do something that’s superstitious, like wearing a trinket, it gives you a greater sense of control,” said Gregg Steinberg, an author of “Full Throttle” and professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University.

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