Weight Gain May Change Personality


After gaining a significant amount of weight, people may grow more self-conscious about their choices, while at the same time being weaker in the face of temptation, a new study finds.


Researchers already have an idea about how personality traits contribute to weight gain. For instance, people pleasers tend to eat more at parties, conscientious folk are more likely to have a regular exercise routine, and those with a Type A personality may be at increased risk for health problems like weight gain and heart disease. These are all averages, of course, and every person with a certain personality won’t fall into the associated health group.

“What we don’t know is whether significant changes in weight are associated with changes in our core personality traits,” Angelina Sutin of the Florida State University College of Medicine said in a statement. “Weight can be such an emotional issue, we thought that weight gain may lead to long-term changes in psychological functioning.”

Read the whole story: LiveScience

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