From: Green Bay Press Gazette

Turned off: Families come together in unplugging technology

Green Bay Press Gazette:

Imagine what you could accomplish if you stopped using the Internet, other forms of social media or the television for a short period of time or even a summer.

There’d be time to focus on family, get involved in outdoor activities or just maybe write a book.

That’s exactly what happened last summer when Kathy and Jason Schipper and their four children decided to unplug for four months. The decision came after a night of social media overload in their Town of Center home.

“One night in the family room, Jason and I looked at each other and every single person was in the family room. The TV was on and Jason was watching it,” Kathy Schipper said. “We all had laptops or iPods and we were all in our own little world.”

Schipper talked to Jason, and they made the decision to take a break and reconnect as a family.

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