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To Regift or Not to Regift, That Is the Question

The Huffington Post:

I admit it: I’m a chronic regifter.

There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than finding a new home for an item that’s just taking up space in my house. So one of my kids gets a birthday present she already has? She may see disappointment, but I see opportunity.

What’s that, honey, you already have one of those? I’m so sorry. Why don’t you pass it over to Daddy. Oh, and sweetie, keep the plastic wrap on there.

Regifting rules. (In fact, literally so — yes, there are actual websites devoted to the rules of regifting, efforts to spell out the social norms governing acceptable and unacceptable practices in this area.) Why am I fan? For one, there’s the environmental/sustainability aspect to it. Also, it’s doubly productive: I can clear up the clutter in my living room plus save a trip to the toy store to buy a $20 gift for a kid we barely know.

OK, so I’m also a cheapskate. There’s that, too.

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