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This Is Why You Feel Dirty After A Bad Day At The Office

The Huffington Post:

In the 1999 cult comedy “Office Space,” dissatisfied office drone Peter Gibbons spends his days bored out of his mind, working for a boss he loathes doing work he doesn’t care about. To make matters worse, he then goes home to a loveless relationship with a girlfriend who cheats on him. Through it all, he bites his tongue, never expressing his true feelings about that useless TPS report coversheet or the unfairness of the weekend work schedule.

It isn’t until he attends a hypnotherapy session, however, that he unlocks the key to doing and saying everything he’s ever wanted to do and say: He ditches the girlfriend, doesn’t show up for assignments and unleashes the truth on a pair of corporate downsizers looking to learn the truth about the company’s dysfunction. He also lets out a little aggression on some malfunctioning office equipment.

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