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The Psychology Behind How You Decide What Halloween Candy to Give Trick-or-Treaters

You can be forgiven for having a panic attack the next time you’re confronted with a bunch of little Spider-Mans and Elsas at your door demanding candy on Halloween. After all, you may feel judged by trick-or-treaters who think you’re being stingy because of your choice of candy. Maybe those tiny fun-size bags of Skittles just don’t cut it?

Or at least some stores and candy brands may want you to feel that way.

As a new Fortune story points out, retailers like Costco and Amazon now routinely push bulk quantities of full-size Snickers and Hershey bars. This has an effect on people, as store displays and featured products provide cues to shoppers as to what they’re expected to buy, Wharton professor of marketing and psychology Deborah Small explained to Fortune.

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