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The One Important Thing Missing From the Health Care Debate


You may have seen the big news on health care: Aetna is going to stop offering individual health insurance policies on the health exchanges in 11 of the 15 states where it operates. Aetna AET -0.39% follows the lead of another large health insurer, United Health UNH -0.59% , which announced in April that it was withdrawing from almost all of the health insurance marketplaces where it operated.

Language matters. Language focuses people’s attention. What senior managers talk about affects what their subordinates measure and emphasize, in the quest for leaders’ approval and individual career success. What isn’t talked about gets ignored and what is ignored suffers from inattention.

So here’s what I wish would get more attention from the news media and for that matter from employers and health insurers in their decision making: human health and well-being.

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