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Talk like your sweetie? What that says about your relationship

The Today Show:

It was around the time when Emily Taffel-Schaper accidentally called her mom “dude” when she realized: She was starting to talk exactly like her now-husband, Fritz Schaper.

“Sometimes I even notice myself calling my clients ‘dude,'” says Taffel-Schaper, a 30-year-old who works in public relations in Del Ray Beach, Fla. It works the other way around, too, she explains: Just last Sunday, her thoughts seemed to have momentarily possessed her husband’s speech, when he said one of her oft-repeated words on his weekend Internet radio show: “natch.”

The two, now married, have been together for 10 years, so clearly something about this talkalike system is working. In fact, a new study published in the journal Psychological Science shows that couples who have similar speaking styles might actually be more compatible.

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