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Sound and vision work hand in hand

Yahoo! India:

A new study has revealed that our senses of sight and hearing work closely together, perhaps more than people realize.

In the study of how one sense can affect another, Ladan Shams, aUCLA associate professor of psychology and her colleagues showed 63 participants a large number of dots on a screen in two separate phases, with a break between the phases.

In one phase, the dots moved around randomly; in the other, some of the dots moved together from right to left. In both phases, the dots were accompanied by sound.

Participants were divided into three groups. One group heard sound moving from right to left as the dots moved from right to left, and they heard sound that remained stationary during the random phase.

A second group heard the right-to-left sound during both phases. And a third group heard sound moving in the opposite direction – from left to right – during both phases. Then, each participant experienced trials in all three conditions.

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