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Queen bee in the office: who gets stung?

Financial Times:
Female bosses get a bad rap. There’s even a word for them. No, not that word. I am talking about the term “queen bee”.

The queen bee is the female boss who strives to protect her power at all costs. She distances herself from other women at the office, and rather than promote her junior counterparts, she refuses to help them rise through the ranks. But according to a new study by Belle Derks of Leiden University in the Netherlands, such behaviour may not necessarily be her fault. Rather, it is the product of an inherently sexist work environment.

Derks, who has spent a good portion of her career researching how people respond to sexism, says women are often held to a different standard than men; traits that would be seen favourably in men, such as competitiveness, are seen negatively when women exhibit them.

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