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On Pinterest, it’s share and share alike

Los Angeles Times:

Americans spend upward of 30 hours a month staring at their computer screens, shopping and browsing and seeking. We relish the efficiency, the expanse of information, the anonymity and the freedom. But we are social creatures and as such, can’t seem to stop gathering in various online communities to share music or photos of fabulous dinners or handbags.

We come together when rumors circle over a Kim Kardashian-Kanye West courtship or the replacement for John Galliano is announced at Dior. But nothing really says “Get to know me” quite like posting images of your favorite platforms or colored jeans, waiting for the social affirmation of a virtual thumbs up and comments from both real-life friends and those found throughout the Web. It’s a scrapbook world out there, and the fast and furious growth of such social networking sites says a great deal about the American psyche: We like it pretty, we like it easy (who says you can’t answer your boss’ question and share a funny cat video at the same time?) and we want to achieve this soothing state at the click of a mouse. Affirmation may very well be our national pastime — and declarations about personal style prompt a lot of the love.

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