From: The New York Times

Metaphorically Speaking, Men Are Expected to be Struck by Genius, Women to Nurture It

The New York Times:

Try searching for “top inventors of all time” on Google. Start counting the images along the top of your search page, and you’ll go through 29 photos of men before you reach Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress from Hollywood’s golden age. In 1942, she shared a patent for a technology to prevent enemies from detecting messages in radio signals. This “Secret Communication System” eventually led to today’s mobile phone technology and to secure military communications.

Kristen Elmore, a developmental and social psychologist at Cornell University and lead author of the study, saw metaphors about ideas everywhere. She saw light bulbs on bulletin boards at schools and in student essays about inventions. Less frequently, young people were exposed to metaphors that describe nurturing ideas like seedlings.

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