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Memory Wizards


You may — or may not — recall that a few years back, we brought you a story about a handful of people with memories that are almost unimaginable: name virtually any date in their lives, and they can tell you what they were doing that day, the day of the week, sometimes even the weather — all within seconds.  It’s a kind of memory that is brand new to science — literally unheard of just a decade ago.

After our story aired, the scientists studying this phenomenon were flooded with calls and emails. We were so intrigued, we decided to follow the research to see what further study might reveal about these remarkable memories and what it may mean for the rest of us. They now have many more subjects, including a 10-year-old boy.

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I am also a memory wizard. I can recall things that most people would have no idea about. Dates n times and years, specific events. I have a weird photographic memory to go with it. I can even tell you the names of all my elementary school teachers. Which teacher were nice even. To the not so nice. I have narcolepsy and so my brain never shut down and just remember s so much information.

Has anyone ever studied people with autism for this ability? My brother, 65, is autistic and has a remarkable memory. Though not the same as the people profiled on the show because I think with autistic people the memories they retain, or that they recall frequently, are those that have meaning to them specifically. But the detail he can recall is astounding.

I would like to know if there are any 70-90 y/o with this memory or does the memory diminish with age?

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