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From: The Washington Post

Look who’s swiping now: 6-month-old babies are using smartphones, study says

The Washington Post:

Smart phone. Dumb idea.

More and more Americans are handing their smartphones to their kids, some as young as 6 months old, according to a new study. Experts warn, however, that the habit could be harmful for a child’s development, despite the promises of cellphone “learning apps.”

More than a third of kids under 1 year old are already swiping away on cellphones and tablets, according to a survey by pediatric researchers at the Einstein Healthcare Network.

“Advertising claims that touch screen devices can successfully teach number concepts and counting to babies as young as 6 months are deceptive,” wrote Herbert Ginsburg, a psychology professor at Columbia University.

So while there may be an app for everything, screens are still no substitute for spending time with your kid.

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