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From: Hartford Courant

Sorry, But I’m Not

Hartford Courant:

Gina, on behalf of all girls, you have a lot to apologize for. And you’ll be good at it, because that’s one of the things that girls do best.

It’s been confirmed. A study published in the journal Psychological Science found that girls and guys each apologize for about 80 percent of their perceived transgressions. The difference? Girls really, really find a lot to apologize for. The Canadian researchers at the University of Waterloo (wouldn’t you like to teach there just one semester so you could wear the T-shirt “Take Me to the Loo?”) speculated that girls were super-sensitive to maintaining harmonious relationships and had a lower threshold for “social pain” and were just more likely to believe that whatever horrible thing they had done was really, really horrible.

Guys? Yeah, yeah, we’re sorry when we’re really stupid and stuff — but how often does that happen?

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