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Defining manhood is no easy task

Milwaukee -Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

You’ve likely seen one of those TV ads where some guy is told to “man up!”

You know, it’s where some fellow is portrayed as a wimp, is subsequently insulted by some hot babe or a group of manly men, and then slinks off in humiliation. Well, these advertisers, shameful as they are for employing such tactics, are on to something.

In an unconscious way, most men sense that their gender identity, or manhood, is determined by how they are perceived by others far more than by their physiology. Sure, any guy can look in the mirror to confirm his gender, but manhood is much more a state of mind than one of body.

Now, manhood should not be confused with sexual prowess or brute strength, but, rather, is generally regarded as a certain way of conducting one’s self that is consistent with “maleness” – confidence, inner resolve, mettle, humility, chivalry, etc. This is commonly referred to as “gender identity.”

It turns out that, for men, gender identity must be earned through their actions, and it is relatively easy to lose. In contrast, research indicates that, for women, gender identity is more closely tied to biology and, as such, does not have to be earned, at least not to the same extent.

How come?

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