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Can Bilingualism Counteract Effects of Poverty?

Education Week:

The bilingual brain is sharper than the monolingual one, more and more research is showing. People with fluency in at least two languages have better attention spans, enhanced memory, among other cognitive advantages.

But do those same cognitive strengths show up in bilingual children who are low-income? In other words, can bilingualism help children in low-income communities overcome the enormous cognitive challenges that poverty presents?

A soon-to-be published study from Pascale Engel de Abreu of the University of Luxembourg and colleagues takes a look at that very question. Their answer in a nutshell: yes. (You can read the unedited manuscript of the study which will be published soon in Psychological Science.)

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thanks for the priviledge .i agree that bilingualism is the corner stone for the professionalisation of the community but the question is which tools are needed to promote this bilingualism

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