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Apes, Humans Share A Happiness Dip Mid-Life


Well, yeah, I think so. So for a long time, the research on the midlife crisis, or the views on the midlife crisis, have primarily looked at it in terms of social forces. So there’s psychological and socio-psychological explanations that were offered, things about money and so on and so forth.

And while I wouldn’t say that, you know, one can completely rule that out, what this shows is that there’s actually something deeper and more biological going on here, something that probably exists in our common ancestors that we shared with these species. And that this midlife crisis, you know, there’s nothing wrong with you.

You know, the question is what do you do with that? And one thing we thought is maybe this is evolution’s way of saying when you get to this point in life, you know, you’re pretty well off in your resources. You know, you’re probably about as high as you’ll go in your work. Maybe now is the time to sort of strike out, do something bold and different.

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