Advanced Training In Mathematical And Computational Modeling For Psychological Science

Sponsored by the William K. and Katherine W. Estes Fund. The Estes fund is jointly overseen by the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society.

William K. and Katherine W. Estes Fund

2021 Estes Fund Call for Proposals


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The William K. & Katherine W. Estes Fund was established to extend the legacy of one of the most influential psychological scientists of the past century. Bill Estes was an intellectual force of nature whose pioneering work had a profound influence in psychological science and earned him the nation’s highest scientific honors, including the National Medal of Science.

Jointly overseen by the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society, the Estes Fund supports a variety of activities aimed at strengthening methodology in mathematical, quantitative and experimental psychology and related areas. Bill Estes was a major contributor to both organizations: He served on the founding committee that established the Psychonomic Society and later chaired its Governing Board, and was a charter member of the Association for Psychological Science. Bill served as the founding editor of the APS journal Psychological Science, with Kay serving as managing editor.

See APS, Psychonomic Society Join Forces on Estes Fund for more on the initiation of the Estes Fund.


The mission of the Estes fund is to support the advancement of mathematical psychology, construed broadly, including psychological statistics, experimental methodology, and formal approaches to psychological research.

Programs Supported by the Estes Fund


  • Barcelona Summer School on Advanced Modeling of Behavior
    Alex Hyafil, Christopher Summerfield, Klaus Wimmer
    September 4-10, 2019
    Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, Spain
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  • Methods for Analyzing Sound and Modeling Auditory Plasticity (MASMAP) 
    Eduardo Mercado, Micheal Dent, and Cynthia Henderson
    June 5-7, 2019
    University at Buffalo, USA
  • Multinomial-Processing-Tree (MPT) Modeling: Basic Methods and Recent Advances
    Edgar Erdfelder, Daniel W. Heck, and Franziska Meissner
    Cancelled Due to COVID-10; To Be Rescheduled




Lecture Series

APS-Psychonomic Society W.K. & K.W. Estes Lectures and Symposia2016: Gordon H. Bower, Stanford University
Translating Clark Hull’s Learning Theory Into Estes’ Statistical Theory: A 60-Year Retrospective2015: Daphne Bavelier, University of Rochester and Université de Genève, Switzerland and Jeffrey Lin, Riot Games
This Is Your Mind on Technology2014: Janet Metcalfe, Columbia University, Richard C. Atkinson, University of California, San Diego, Henry L. Roediger, III, Washington University in St. Louis, Robert A. Bjork, University of California, Los Angeles, Daniel L. Schacter, Harvard University
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