Advanced Training In Mathematical And Computational Modeling For Psychological Science

Sponsored by the William K. and Katherine W. Estes Fund. The Estes fund is jointly overseen by the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society.

Estes Fund Request for Proposals


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Request for Proposals

Initial Proposal Deadline

September 1, 2018

Full Proposal Deadline

December 1, 2018


The William K. and Katherine W. Estes Fund invites proposals to fund advanced training opportunities in mathematical and computational modeling for psychological science. We envision two potential types of activity: summer schools and focused workshops. A summer school would provide foundational training in mathematical or computational modeling to advanced trainees (PhD students and/or postdoctoral scholars), usually over a period from a few days up to two weeks. A successful summer school might be repeated. A workshop would be focused on a topic or method in an area of rapid recent progress and would serve trainees and also established researchers. Topics in which the Estes Fund Committee is particularly interested include: cognitive architectures, Bayesian approaches to perception and concept formation, machine learning for psychological modeling, and applications of mathematical models to neuroscience. Typically a workshop would last one to two days, and might be held in conjunction with a larger meeting. For both summer schools and workshops, participants should be selected by application rather than solely by invitation. Proposals that include a mechanism for online distribution of pedagogical materials are especially encouraged.

Mechanism of Support

Support will be provided in the form of a grant from the Estes Fund, which is jointly overseen by the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society. Summer school proposals may budget for up to $40,000. Workshop proposals may budget for up to $20,000. Allowable expenses include: Room costs, reasonable fees and expenses (including travel) for speakers or instructors, meals and lodging for summer school participants.

Application Process

Programs will be selected in a two-stage process. The initial application consists of a brief program description, personnel list (including proposers’ CVs and websites), and a brief draft budget. Details on the application can be found at The Estes Fund Committee will select a small number of initial proposals for further consideration. Only those applicants whose initial proposals are selected by the committee will be eligible to submit full proposals.

Expenses that are eligible for funding included: meeting room rental, travel and lodging for participants, audiovisual equipment rental and labor fees, food and beverage, and miscellaneous expenses such as printed matter and name badges. Honoraria for workshop speakers will not generally be approved but honoraria for summer schools may be considered. Proposers are encouraged to develop budgets that combine support from the Estes Fund with other sources when available.

The Committee will prioritize activities that are innovative and potentially broad in impact. Proposals asking for support for well-established recurring events are less likely to be successful.

To increase diversity among organizers and participants, both the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society strongly encourage proposals from women, members of underrepresented groups, new investigators, as well as a gender-balanced presenter list.

Potential proposers are encouraged to contact members of Estes Fund Committee during the initial proposal preparation process. After consultation with members of the Committee, initial applications may be submitted to

Estes Fund Committee

About the Estes Fund

The Estes Fund was established to honor William K. and Katherine W. Estes. Bill Estes was a giant in the fields of learning and mathematical psychology, a recipient of the National Medal of Science, and the founding editor of the journal Psychological Science, for which Kay Estes served as founding managing editor. The Estes Fund is jointly overseen by the Association for Psychological Science and the Psychonomic Society.