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Volume 32, Issue8October, 2019
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Interoception: How We Understand Our Body’s Inner Sensations

The feel of our heart beat, the rumble of an empty stomach, the pleasure of a deep breath. Interoception — the ability to perceive the internal state of our bodies — is central to our thoughts, emotions, decision-making, and sense of self. More

It’s your first faculty job. Now what do you do? A panel of three psychological scientists who have been there, done that offer some advice. More

When it comes to helping students understand basic psychological concepts, Nickles Chittester is keeping the curriculum all in the family. More

Hackathons started in the tech industry, but scientists are working to modify them into open-science collaborations that would be right at home at APS Annual Conventions. More

Individuals with disabilities are often excluded from research participant pools. Psychological researcher Nazanin M. Heydarian highlights some resources that can enhance accessibility and inclusiveness in lab experiments. More