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Volume 29, Issue8October, 2016

Robots for Research

From R2-D2 to Astro Boy to WALL-E, science fiction is riddled with diminutive, scrappy robots and androids that serve as More

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Volume 29, Issue8October, 2016
  • In Defense of Suzanne Corkin

    In “The Brain That Couldn’t Remember,” published in The New York Times Magazine* on August 7, 2016, journalist Luke Dittrich More

  • What Do Ghosts Feel?

    In a bit of Halloween hilarity, APS Past Board Member Lisa Feldman Barrett and humorist Daniel J. Barrett make the case for extending emotion research into the spirit world. More

  • Mind Over Midterms

    Psychological scientists are studying promising interventions designed to change the mind-sets of students who believe their intelligence is limited or fixed. More

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