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Volume 24, Issue3March, 2011
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Volume 24, Issue3March, 2011

Teaching with Your Gut

Why do you teach the way you do? As psychological scientists, we are trained to use high-quality evidence when making… More


Day At The Museum

One of the themes of my work this year has been to encourage psychological scientists to actively engage in improving… More

Not Just Limericks

The University of Texas Limerick Committee article reminded me of our graduate student double-dactyl committee in the 1960s at the… More


Weighing the Options

New Years has come and gone. For many of us, so have our diet resolutions. Each year people turn to… More


In Memory of David P. McCabe

David Peter McCabe, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, passed away unexpectedly and peacefully on January 11, 2011… More

Remember When?

The online magazine Slate has a largely political audience, so last May when it showed readers a picture of Barack… More


Monkey Business

Years ago, in the early days of what’s now known as behavioral economics, researchers began to recognize that people often… More