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Volume 29, Issue6July/August, 2016

How Rats, Bats, Bees, and People Navigate Their Worlds

Nearly 70 years ago, psychological scientist Edward Tolman introduced the idea that humans and other animals have a “cognitive map” More

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Volume 29, Issue6July/August, 2016
  • The Truth About Lying

    Before Dan Ariely launches into explaining the science behind dishonesty, he tells an amusing story: God goes to Sarah and More

  • The Parenting Trap

    The word “parenting” did not enter the popular lexicon until the 1950s, and when it did, said APS Fellow Alison More

  • The Heart of the Matter

    What do I value most? It’s a question that comes up frequently in the context of big life decisions, whether More

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This is a photo of APS Fellow Laura L. Carstensen.

On One’s Own Time

People form a life story for themselves by weaving a temporal tapestry, taking psychological fabric from their past and threading More

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Changing Habits for the Long Haul

At the 2016 APS Annual Convention in Chicago, psychology researchers presented cutting-edge science that may help us adopt newer, healthier, or safer behaviors. More

Sizing Up Magnitude

From fitness trackers that monitor our heart rates and daily steps to the number of “likes” on our latest social More

Who’s to Blame?

Although bullies, thieves, and swindlers typically draw our scorn, research suggests that the fault we assign in crimes, accidents, and More