Observer Series: Rising Stars

Cultivating Wisdom at Work

New research investigates the use of wise reasoning in everyday life, concluding that wisdom may not be as rare as we might think. ... More>

Darby Saxbe

University of Southern California What does your research focus on? I am fascinated by how social interconnections, particularly within families, shape our bodies and brains. For example, are spouses’ […]... More>

Kristen M. Kennedy

The University of Texas at Dallas What does your research focus on? I am most generally interested in brain-behavior relationships as we age, or the cognitive neuroscience of aging. […]... More>

Observer Article

April 2013 Rising Stars

The future looks bright for the field of psychological science. The Observer presents the 2013 class of movers and shakers who are propelling science into new directions. This is the first of a multi-part series, so you can look forward to more stars. ... More>

Martin M. Monti

University of California, Los Angeles What does your research focus on? My research focuses on two questions confronting the most characterizing aspects of the human mind: 1) “What is […]... More>