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Improving Research Practices, From Beginning to End

Efforts to promote replication, preregistration, and new analytic approaches represent some of the advances psychologists have been making toward improving research practices. What comes next? ... More>

Using the Wisdom of Crowds to Improve Hiring

Experiments carried out by the Behavioural Insights Team suggest that a group of three individuals may be ideal for making hiring decisions. ... More>

Effect of Commitment on Forgiveness Investigated in Large-Scale Replication Project

A new Registered Replication Report aimed to replicate the finding that boosting partners' feelings of commitment leads them to choose less destructive responses to betrayal. ... More>


Replication Project Investigates Self-Control as Limited Resource

A new research replication project involving 24 labs and more than 2,100 participants failed to reproduce findings from a previous study suggesting that self-control is a depletable resource. The findings […]... More>

New Application Deadline Set for Participating in Replication Project

Overwhelming interest in a new Registered Replication project, involving a study on the effect of priming on intelligence, has prompted organizers to move up the application deadline for participation. ... More>